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Paratech Parachutes has broad and diverse expertise in all aspects of parachute engineering design, analysis, development, fabrication and flight testing of reliable high performance parachute systems known as aerodynamic declerators. These parachute systems range from low speed unmanned aerial systems, to jet drag chutes, hybrid sounding rockets, high altitude parachute recovery systems, supersonic parachute systems and special use prototype applications.


Jet Drag Chute Systems Developed for
the VIPER JET and Other Very Light Jets

Using Paratech Parachutes Jet Drag Chutes

North American Eagle F-104 Jet Car
Qualifies Prototype High Speed
Supersonic Ribbon Drag Parachute Systems
for 800 mph Land Speed Record

Using Paratech Parachutes

Global Flyer Sets Aviation World Records
Flying Non-Stop Around the World in

Using Paratech Parachutes Jet Drag Chutes

Transformational Space Demonstrates New
Rocket LaunchTechnology for NASA
Using Paratech Parachutes Drag Chutes

|| Global Flyer Jet Drag Chute || - 1st Page
Drag chute deployed behind Global Flyer jet

|| Rocket Air Launch Parachute System || - 1st Page
Parachute drop test of air launched rocket store

Supersonic Paratech Parachutes Fly
to Space and Back on NASA Rocket

Supersonic Parachutes

|| Sounding Rocket Parachute System || - 1st Page

Supersonic Parachutes Fly to Space and back on NASA Rocket

|| Small Sounding Rocket Parachute System || - 1st Page




















|| Hybrid Sounding Rocket Parachute Paper || - 1st Page
Supersonic Parachutes Systems