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Parachute Recovery System Design Manual by Theo Knacke. Soft cover book is NWC-TP-6567 (512 pages) published in 1992 by Para Publishing in Santa Barbara California. Considered an authoritative souce on parachute engineering. However, this book contains outdated material and has never been revised or updated to address current state of the art parachute system applicaions. The book is still a good basic source of reference. Book can be purchased from Para Publishing.

Design and Testing of High Performance Parachutes by Maydew and Peterson of Sandia Labs. AGARD-AG-319 (308 pages) published in 1991 by NATO. Contains design examples of high dynamic pressure and supersonic parachute systems tested in wind tunnels, ordnance delivery, and systems flown on sounding rockets. Excellent unclassified reference on parachute systems engineering. Hard cover book is out of print.


Recovery System Design Guide Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratorty publication AFFDL-TR-78-151 (458 pages) known as "the yellow book". A thorough and informative book published in 1978 wihch covers topics of parachute system design, materials used for parachute fabrication, deploymnet systems and parachute testing data. A useful text for basic information on parchute design. Download this parachute design book

Download Recovery System Design Guide AFFDL-TR-78-151 (57 Mb PDF)

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