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Paratech Parachutes has special expertise in parachute engineering research, design, development, flight testing and manufacture of complete and unique "end-to-end" prototype parachute systems and projects, known as aerodyanmic decelerators.

Paratech Parachutes specializes in lightweight design and development of high performance hybrid parachute systems using composite materials such as Kevlar, and Spectra for special programs and projects. These systems include rockets, unmammed aerial vehicles (UAV's), jet drag chutes, and other special applications to meet ongoing proprietary needs and unique requirements of government and private sector aerospace applications.

Our parachutes have successfully flown to space and back on a NASA sounding rocket to return a scientific payload after surviving a Mach 2.5 parachute deployment, which is the fastest successful parachute deployment ever acheived on a NASA sounding rocket. Paratech Parachutes flown to space and back, and around the world twice on the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer jet, have deployed reliably and functioned as designed. Paratech Parachutes has 20 years of proven background and demonstrated expertise in design, development and, successful flight testing of complete "end-to-end" reliable and successful high performance parachute systems.

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