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Design Expertise:

Paratech Parachutes has designed and developed several parachute systems for REAL sounding rockets flown to space and back. This tried and proven technology is incorporated into our designs for lightweight, reliable, high performance rocket recovery parachute systems.


Paratech Parachutes was the first company supplying reliable parachute recovery systems to the experimental and amateur rocketry community in the early 1990's, having pioneered parachute hardware and techniques in current use. Paratech Parachutes is also the first company providing parachute recovery systems to the experimental rocketry community to have flown one of it's sounding rocket parachute systems to space and back. This parachute recovery system successfully recovered a NASA sounding rocket payload in March 2002. This milestone preceeds the first civilian sounding rocket space shot in 2004

High Performance Systems:
Paratech Parachutes specializes in design and development of very strong, lightweight rocket parachute systems. For extreme flight performance and high altitude flights, a very lightweight, low-packing-bulk parachute system is required to achieve these objectives. Parachutes provided by other manufacturers to the amateur rocketry community for large projects, are too heavy and bulky for achieving maximum high altitude extreme performance flights. Our systems are the strongest, lightest, smallest packing, low-bulk rocket parachute recovery systems available, and will provide minimum weight optimized payloads for the highest flights possible.

Flight Tested Systems:
Our rocket parachute systems have been flight tested and qualified on both solid and hybrid rockets. Using design expertise from our professional sounding rocket parachute systems, we have developed simple and reliable, lightweight, high performacne rocket parachute recovery systems. These systems are properly designed and configured for high speed deployments, without shredding or blowing panels. Contact Paratech Parachutes for a high performance parachute recovery system to ensure successful recovery of your next high altitude sounding rocket project.

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