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Parachute Flight Testing

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Experienced Staff: 
Projects aren't always complete when the design and manufacture are finished. As design is in the details, our parachute systems undergo thorough quality control by paying attention to all the little details. Parachute systems must work as designed the first time and every time. Our reputation is at stake every time one of our parachute systems are used by a customer. We insure every reasonable effort to provide reliable high performance parachute recovery systems to our customer's.

Detailed Documentation:
Technical documentation, includes design analysis, performance envelopes and packing manuals. This allows our client's to develop their own program to train personnel who maintain parachute systems, which is a substantial cost savings.

Diverse History:
Paratech Parachutes flight testing and parachute engineering research experiences are broad and diverse, ranging from small unmanned aerial vehicles to, rockets and jet aircraft. We have experience ranging from low-speed subsonic to supersonic parachute systems and related deployment devices.

Having flight tested many parachutes systems and related hardware since our beginning in 1990, Paratech Parachutes has the necessary experience to provide design and development data to successfully flight test and flight qualify our parachute systems, for special projects and unique applications.

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