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Parachute Systems Ground Testing

Test Vehicle: 
Motorcycles are used as a ground test vehicle to test drogue/pilot parachutes and scale parachute system deployment mechanisms. This capability is used to modify and refine designs, for rapid prototyping of both new and off-the-shelf parachute systems prior to flight testing.

Test Equipment:
Garmin GPS technologyr provide more accurate speed and distance measurements than the motocycle odometer and speedeometer for test runs. An additional instrument provides air temperature, atmospheric pressure, pressure altitude, wind speed and direction data for increased accuracy of parachute deployment test run conditions. Custom hardware mounts parachute canister at rear of motorcycle for testing a wide range of different parachute system configurations. A digital video camera mounted to the parachute canister provides documentation of parachute system test run deployments. A parachute deployment release mechanism and remote control for the video camera allows the test rider to control and monitor all aspects of a parachute test run, have total situaltional awareness, and complete vehicle control.

Low Cost Testing :
Low cost instrumentation and hardware adapted on a motorcycle enables rapid prototyping (testing and refinement) of both new and off-the-shelf parachutes and deployment methods, prior to conducting drop tests to qualify parachute systems as flight worthy. This simple, reliable, and unique test method enhances overall quality and reliability of systems developed for client projects



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