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Prototype Parachute Systems Design

Each Project:
Paratech Parachutes undertakes to achieve required project design and performance parameters. As very few aerospace companies have in house parachute engineering expertise, clients approach Paratech Parachutes as the expert to design parachute systems and hardware for their special projects. Some clients contact us for complete "end-to-end" prototype system design, which may or may not include flight testing of parachute systems and hardware.

Proprietary Data:
Paratech Parachutes maintains proprietary projects with the highest degree of confidentiality. Information and data for highly proprietary and unique projects are securely stored and maintained with access limited to key personnel involved.

Design Expertise:
Paratech Parachutes has a long history of technical parachute engineering research in desinging all types of parachute systems, ranging from low speed unmanned aerial vehicle parachutes, to supersonic parachute systems deployed on sounding rockets, which have flown to space and back with successful payload recovery. We specialize in lightweight design of very strong high performance hybrid parachute systems. Parachute systems constructed of hybrid materials are over 50% lighter than traditional nylon parachutes systems. For many special applications, reduced weight savings are key to success of the project. Other key areas of our expertise include design analysis, materials selection, mass budgets, performance envelopes, simplicity, ease of use, reliability, and technical documentation.

Follow on Work:
With a proven background of manufacturing reliable high performance parachute systems, Paratech Parachutes has been chosen by aerospce companies to develop prototype designs and further work on their special projects. Such design work can range from designing scale parachute systems for proof of concept testing, to full scale parachute systems and hardware for flight qualification.

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