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Flight Tested Systems:

Paratech Parachutes
sounding rocket cross parachute recovery system with guide surface drogue, flown to space and back on NASA Orion 30.047 UP single stage rocket launched form Poker Flat Research Range, Alaska in March 2002. Scientific payload successfully recovered, after surviving a Mach 2.5 parachute deployment, which is the fastest successful parachute deployment ever achieved on a NASA sounding rocket mission.

Design Expertise:

Paratech Parachutes
has proven background and expertise to provide reliable high performance parachute recovery systems for government and private sector aerospace projects. Our rocket parachute systems use lightweight hybrid construction, which are just as robust and strong as heaveir and bulkier systems used by NASA, at 1/2 to 3/4 of the weight. For extreme high altitude flights, payload weight reduction is critical, and our rocket parachute systems are specifically designed and developed with this objective. Contact Paratech Parachutes for reliable, lightweight, high performance parachute systems, to recover your next sounding rocket payload flown to space and back.


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