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Scale Sounding Rocket Kits
NASA Orion 30.047 UP sounding rocket mission flown to space and back, lauched from Poker Flats Research Range in Alaska in 2002 with scientific payload recovered using Paratech Parachutes.


PHOTO (LEFT): NASA Orion 30.044 UP sounding rocket mission launched from Poker Flats Research Range Alaska January 2000. Rocket is featured in Peter Alway/s Rockets of the World 2002 Supplement. Rocket is 6th from the left of the 13 thumbnail rockets shown in the book above. Flight trajectory data from thsounding rocket parachute sytem flown to space and back on the NASA Orion 30.047 UP misson in 2003. This rocket has the distinction of flying the longest payload ever configured for the single-stage NASA Orion rocket.

Photo (ABOVE): Payload paint scheme and decal placement for scale builders. Paintt scheme and decals size and placement are included with model rocket kits.

Hyperion-1D Hybrid Sounding Rocket Developed for DARPA project (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) uses Paratech Parachutes.

Limited edition scale models of REAL sounding rockets. Kits include technical documentation with drawings and photos to make these scale sounding rockets highly sought after kits for display or flight. Small model rocket versions will be available, as well as larger scale versions to be announced.




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