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NASA Orion 30.047 UP
Sounding Rocket





Scale model Orion rocket kit built and painted in actual colors, next to actual Orion rocket 8 inch diameter conical nose cone flown on the REAL sounding rocket for University of Alaska payload.

Night launch photo of NASA Orion 30.044 UP sounding rocke launchedt from Poker Flats Research Range Alaska on Jan. 30, 2000. Photo of night launch with 30 sec exposure using 800 ASA 35 mm film.

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NASA Orion 30.044 UP sounding rocket
mission launched from Poker Flats Research Range in Alaska in 2000. Rocket is featured in Peter Alway/s Rockets of the World 2002 Supplement with scale data of payload decals. Rocket is 6th from the left of the 13 thumbnail rockets shown. Flight trajectory data from this flight was used to validate parachute deployment envelope for Paratech Parachutes flown to space and back on the NASA Orion 30.047 UP misson. This rocket has the distinction of flying the longest payload ever configured for the single-stage NASA Orion rocket.




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